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Monday, March 29, 2021

Today Petrol, Diesel,LPG,CNG, Price in Gujarat And India All City.

Today Petrol, Diesel,LPG,CNG, Price in Gujarat And India All City.

Today Petrol, Diesel,LPG,CNG, Price in Gujarat And India All City –  The pricing system is aimed at capturing even the smallest change in international oil prices and passing it on to consumers, according to the oil ministry,Latest News, jobs Updates, Technology Tips and General Information Updates, remain with us avakarnews Please share with your companions this Post.


Find Petrol diesel price today by postal pincode: We have the price list of gasoline (Petrol) and high speed diesel (HSD) for more than one lakh cities / towns / villages in India. Its important to know that, Petrol diesel price is changing from location to other location, even fuel near by fuel station to station. Hence its important to know the petrol diesel price for each postal pincode location, We have Provide the search box for typing the pincode number, you are required

Search Petrol diesel Price in your area by entering Postal pincode: We have more than 1.5 Lakh fuel station location updated in our database, you can check the fuel price for any of the village / town , just by entering the 6 digit postal pincode.

How to search Gasoline / Petrol Price by using Postal pincode?: Enter the 6 digit postal pincode in teh input search box
Press the submit button to find the price for today & tomorrow
Find the today's & tomorrow price of the fuel oil.
Scroll down to find the historical prices in the given postal pincode location.

What can you look into this page?: Today's Petrol diesel price per Litre
Tomorrow's Petrol diesel price
per litre
Previous price changes / Historical trend 

First of all, the new prices will become effective 6 am every day. Earlier, the decision was to change them at midnight. The oil companies were forced to change this after pump owners threatened to protest and go for a strike. The reason for their grudge was that the companies have not put in place automatic systems to change the price and so it required manual deployment.

Today Petrol Diesel Price in India Gujarat Ahmedabad Surat Rajkot Vadodara Junagadh Petrol and diesel rates were cut today as part of a new system of daily price changes in petroleum products, in a shift from fortnightly price revisions. Under the new revision system, even the smallest change in international oil prices can be passed down to consumers. Till now, three PSU oil marketing companies – Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum – revised the prices on the 1st and 16th of every month based on average international crude oil and foreign exchange rates. Indian Oil has said the daily price revision is an initiative to ensure the best possible prices to the customers as well as improved transparency in the pricing mechanism.

The Petrol Price list available for the states like Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Puducherry, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil NaduAssam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, Delhi, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir. Diesel Prices are updated for Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Lakshadweep, Maharashtra and Manipur. Also for Meghalaya, , Tripura , Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal Mizoram, Nagaland, Odisha, and Madhya Pradesh.
Check Petrol, Diesel price in india.

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Friday, March 19, 2021

It is said that the one who is born is certain to die but this is a creature that never dies. The peculiarity of this life is that after sexual maturity it comes to the stage of a child.

It is said that the one who is born is certain to die but this is a creature that never dies.  The peculiarity of this life is that after sexual maturity it comes to the stage of a child.

 This creature never dies
 The only creature on earth
 This type of jellyfish lives in the ocean
 The name of this creature is Turritopsis Dohrnii.  This is a species of jellyfish.  Ordinary people call it immortal jelly fish.  It is very small in size and has a body diameter of 4.5 millimeters when it is fully developed.  Its length and width are equal.

 The young Turritopsis Dohrnii has 8 tentacles.  While sexually mature jellyfish have 80 to 90 tentacles.  This type of fish is usually found at the bottom of the ocean.  There are two forms of this.  Which is found in different oceans around the world.
 Turritopsis Dohrnii was born in the Pacific Ocean.  It is now found in almost all oceans.  It spread to the oceans around the world by traveling across the Trans-Atlantic.  No one was aware that the species had spread around the world.  Because in shape they are extremely small and transparent.

 The number of days that Turritopsis Dohrnii usually lives at sea is stated but it is not stated when he will die.  If the sea temperature is 20 to 22 degrees, it becomes an adult and becomes a child again in 25 to 30 days.  If the sea temperature is 14 to 25 degrees then in 18 to 22 days it becomes a baby.
 Often the age of the jellyfish is determined.  He lives for several months and later dies.  The only species that has attained immortality.  This becomes a child again after becoming an adult.  His body has special types of cells for this process.

 Big news for driving license makers, this work can now be done even on Sundays
 The government will sell its stake in these four airports, including Delhi-Mumbai!  Preparations for privatization of 13 other airports
 This business will earn more than 30 thousand per month, the government also helps, find out the details
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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Keep weight and blood pressure under control to keep kidneys healthy, drink 8 glasses of water daily; Check the health of your kidneys this way

 Expert doctors are advised to consult in case of problems like loss of appetite, vomiting, difficulty in breathing and insomnia.

 If the urine changes color or bleeds, it may be a sign of kidney disease

 Get checked up by patients with diabetes and high blood pressure

 Kidney transplant cases are on the rise in the country.  There are only 15,000 kidney donors against 2 lakh patients.  These figures make 2 things clear.  The first people may not initially understand kidney disease.  Because of this the talk reaches to kidney transplant.  Second, transplants are not easy for patients on the verge of kidney failure because of the relatively small number of donors.

 This is the only way to get rid of both problems.  Take care of every little thing that makes kidney sick.  Today is World Kidney Day.  On this occasion, let us know how to keep the kidneys healthy ...

 Because of this kidney cases are on the rise
 Experts say that some symptoms are seen when the disease starts in the kidneys.  Some symptoms also match other illnesses.  So people tend to ignore it.  It causes serious kidney disease and last stage.  This is why 90% of kidney patients do not understand the disease.

 Do not ignore if the urine changes color
 Nephrologist Dr. Jaslok Hospital and Research Center.  Amjad Khan Pathan says that if the color of urine changes or blood enters it, it is a symptom of kidney disease.  Symptoms indicate kidney stones, tumors, or infections.  Apart from this, if there is foam in the urine or you have to urinate frequently at night, it indicates that there is a problem in your kidneys.  In addition, if you have problems such as loss of appetite, vomiting, difficulty breathing, muscle cramps and insomnia, consult a doctor.

 Here's how to check if your kidneys are healthy

 The director of the nephrologist department at Jaslok Hospital and Research Center, Dr.  MM Bahadur says that it is possible to know whether the kidney is healthy or not by doing some tests.  If you notice any symptoms, you should have a blood and urine test.  This test checks the level of protein and creatinine in the blood.  If the dose is high, it has a direct effect on the kidneys.

 Kidney failure is more common in the families of people with diabetes and high blood pressure.  So such people should get a checkup.

 When did World Kidney Day begin?
 World Kidney Day was started in 2006 by the International Society of Nephrology and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations to raise awareness about kidney disease and its treatment.  Kidney Day is celebrated on the second Thursday of March every year.  Its theme is decided every year.  This year's theme is 'Kidney Health for Everyone's Everywhere'.
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Friday, March 5, 2021

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Thursday, March 4, 2021

How to keep your whatsapp account safe

How to keep your whatsapp account safe

 How to keep your whatsapp account safe

WhatsApp is installed in everyone's mobile nowadays. Every user does most of the work from WhatsApp. But sometimes WhatsApp can get you in trouble too. Your first task is to make some necessary settings on WhatsApp. There are some settings on WhatsApp that you can do to get out of most of the troubles easily. Find out what these seven settings are ......

Who can join the group?

The company offers users some special options for the WhatsApp group. Based on this you can decide who can join you in any group. There are three options in WhatsApp. Allows you to add to a group or add to a Saved Contact List and Particular Contact List.

Who can see the status

The company gives you a privacy feature for viewing WhatsApp. This allows the user to select to appear in a particular contact list, limited to the saved contact only.

Last scene

Last Scene Privacy Settings are settings that allow users to be online. Under these settings, he can completely hide his last scene, or set it to My Contacts.

Profile photo

Like the other option, WhatsApp users get full privacy in this too. It has the option to hide the profile photo or restrict it to My Contacts only.


There are three options under About section, users can select to show this, hide it completely or keep it limited to My Contacts only.

Finger screen locked

WhatsApp users can set fingerprint lock on Android, while iPhone users have the option to use Face ID or Touch ID in the physical screen button.

Block contact

WhatsApp can block users if they don't want to receive messages. This option is available in both settings options as well as individual chats.

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Airtel, jio and vi WhatsApp Chatbot service information

Airtel, jio and vi WhatsApp Chatbot service information

Airtel, jio and vi WhatsApp Chatbot service information

Smart 1216 (A Visual IVR)

It is a menu-based audio-visual platform with easy navigation guided by voice where you can easily manage your Airtel account and even purchase your favorite packs. Simply dial 1216 and you will receive a link to use the service.

USSD Chatbot

If you are a Airtel prepaid or a postpaid user you can use probable keywords through USSD Chatbot to get desired services by simply dialing *666# and typing your desired service name, for e.g. data, minute, balance, etc.
Contact airtel

We thrive to ensure that you get the most out of your Airtel experience which is why we provide the best-in-class customer service across a wide range of platforms, designed keeping your convenience in mind. Connect with us in any of our customer service platform below:

(Or send a WhatsApp message to 01647-771212 from your Airtel number)

એરટેલ વોટ્સએપ સેવાઓ માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

What is JioFiber Support contact number?

For any Queries or support regarding JioFiber, call us on 1800-896-9999.
You can also chat with us on MyJio App or just WhatsApp Hello to 70005 70005.

Register for Updates on WhatsApp

Get updates on your Vi account, best offers & more. Enter your mobile number to register for chat service on Whatsapp.

A Step by Step Guide to Creating WhatsApp Chatbot for Business

it was not without reason that Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 at a staggering amount of 19 billion dollars. Everyone in the business was shocked by this enormous investment in an app. But Facebook is having the last laugh with all kinds of benefits.

In today’s modern world most of the interactions among people are happening only in social networks. Now more transactions are possible on social platforms than websites.

Millions of FB Chabot’s succeeding in the business field. People have realized the benefits of using apps to connect with brands. WhatsApp is the next best platform to market products, brands, and services.

WhatsApp Business launched a kind of beta test run of bots on the platform which has now more than 3 million users. Chatbots which connect artificial intelligence with customer experience is an ideal choice for WhatsApp
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speaking English Course APK Android application

O9m speaking English Course APK Android application

Spoken English Game App offering a FREE English-speaking Course covering English explanation, English language, and English discussion aptitudes.

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Learn English through Stories and Games

Learn English through natural records of RAPHA and FRIENDS (The Heroes, The Villains and The Superheroes) to make your English-talking basic and relatable.

Talk and Get FeedbackLearn English by talking into the Rapha English talk affirmation system. Get second information and practice English discussion aptitudes.

Accomplishment Badges
To make your English learning on the web a fascinating experience, win Superhero IDs, and show your authenticity! If you lose, start indeed and win them back!

Fun Games::

Play and learn English discussion with RAPHA and FRIENDS!Rapha English App has approaching English-talking courses that would cover subjects on English Grammar, English Pronunciation, and English Conversation abilities in more detail.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

How to identify if the deficit is mixed in the substance

How to identify if the deficit is mixed in the substance

 How to identify if the deficit is mixed in the substance.

Nowadays shopkeepers are selling adulterated goods to consumers in a cycle of hard work and making maximum money. Milk, tea, sugar, lentils, grains, turmeric, apples, flour, oil and the like are found mixed in every household useful item. That is to say, we do not get pure food even though we have enough money.

Boil the dough and cheese in water and when it cools down add a few drops of iodine. And now see if your color turns blue, understand that starch is mixed in it.

Why check if coconut oil is original. Keep a small bottle of coconut oil in the fridge. If the oil freezes, if it is adulterated, it will leave a layer. Understand that some other oil has been mixed in it.

You will find honey mixed with jaggery, sugar syrup or sugar water.

Or soak a small amount of rupee in it and burn it in the fire. If it burns easily, it is considered to be adulterated.

Brick powder, salt or talcum powder are mixed in red chilli powder. To test this, put the chilli powder in a glass filled with water and see if there is any red color in the water. This red color is brick powder.

In coriander powder you will find husk or wood husk. Dip a little coriander in warm water to test it.

You will see that the straw will start floating in the water.

If milk contains detergent mix, why test it. 10 ml. Mix milk and the same amount of water. If foam is produced in it, understand that detergent has been mixed in it. In the same way, put drops of milk on the greasy area to check the mixture of water in the milk.

And if water is mixed in it, it will move without leaving any traces. Pure milk will slowly move forward and remain a white spot. Similarly, synthetic milk tastes bad, and if you rub it in the palm of your hand, it will lather like soap and when heated, it will turn yellow.

  • Cumin is mixed in it by dyeing the grass seeds in chok powder. To test this, rub it in your palm and if it turns black, understand that it is adulterated.
  • If the blackbird looks too shiny, understand that it contains oil. It also has papaya seeds mixed in it.
  • Cinnamon is mixed with gooseberry peel.

If you see it rubbed in the palm of your hand, if it is fake, no color will come.

Chok is mixed with sugar. Dissolve sugar in a glass of water if it has a square it will settle to the bottom. When silver aluminum foil is burned, the silver foil will burn and the silver colored paper will turn into shiny hair, but burning aluminum foil will turn it into black ash.

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતીમા report 1

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતીમા report 2

Avoid eating bright apples. Because a candle is placed on it.

If it is dug slowly with a sharp object, wax will start coming out of it, then understand that it is adulterated.

Flour is mixed with sand, chalk powder etc. Original flour is tested in such a way that it requires a lot of water while making the flour. If the bread tastes good and tastes sweet, understand that flour is good.

Tea and tea leaves contain synthetic dyes, iron powder and used tea powder. It affects the diet and digestive system.

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Information on food adulteration and related diseases

Information on food adulteration and related diseases


Tea and coffee have a high concentration of tea powder. Tea cashew nuts, black chickpea husks, tea powder, synthetic dyes, iron ore etc. A mixture of substances is found. Due to the permanent use of machinery, iron ore is also found on tea leaves.

Health effects:

There have been no reported cases of acute foodborne illness due to this, but the introduction of artificial colors into the body is likely to have long-term effects on health.


Kids are considered a big user of sweets. And too many inedible colors are used in most desserts to attract them. And some of these colors include Rhodamine, Orange, Methanol Yellow etc. Saccharin is infused with sweets.

Health effects:

Irregular intake of dyes is likely to cause a variety of health effects, such as high levels of erythrosin entering the body, which can lead to smallpox in children. Excessive intake of ponceau 4R can cause ulcers on the tongue of children.

Fruits and vegetables:

It has been noticed that in the new form of adulteration made in the food, the addition of colors on the cut fruits is now taking place. And it is well known that artificial ripening of raw fruits is banned in India. Green peas are dyed with a chemical called "malachite green".

Health effects:

Foods have a safe limit of color intake. Each of the more widely used colors has different toxic effects. That is why it is not allowed to add artificial color to all types of food. Toxic effects of artificially ripening fruits are caused by toxic impurities in calcium carbide.

Food Infections:

In addition to food adulteration, foodborne infections are a problem that adversely affects the health of the consumer.

The chain of accidental infections in food continues as follows.

Infection occurs when pesticides are sprayed by the health department to prevent malaria infestation by the farmer to protect the crop.

Even after a long period of spraying, its remains remain and the food of cows and poultry is affected. Soil water is toxic and so are meat, fish, milk and eggs. !

In order to prevent rotting of stored grains, re-spraying of pesticides is done which again increases the quantity of pesticide residues in the quantity of grains.

Traders use pesticides to keep fruits fresh and preserved for a long time. Oils and sweets are a mixture of inedible substances.

Washing vegetables and other foods slightly reduces this risk. But cooking food destroys its toxins. These pesticides are absorbed in the small intestine by taking it in food

Is. ! These germs accumulate in fat cells throughout the body and can damage the body's nerve organs such as the heart, brain, kidneys and liver.

Foodborne Infections:

Common types of foodborne infections include microbial infections, chemical infections, and metal infections.

Microbial infections are more serious than foodborne microbial infections and chemical contaminants such as pesticides used for food safety, veterinary drug residues or heavy metals. In India, however, there is no awareness of foodborne microbial infections. The presence of food products such as ice cream, milk, dairy products, sweets, poultry, proportionate studies or even more pernicious organisms has been reported.

There have been many independent studies on fish, shrimp, etc. In which the study of the extent of microbial infection or the presence of more pathogenic organisms has been found.

Chemical infection

Residues of pesticides: - Residues of pesticide residues in chemical pollutants are a major cause for concern. Similarly, chemicals containing synthetic chlorine such as pesticides / aphids such as DDT, aldrin, di-alfin etc. pose a serious threat to food safety. The use of these pesticides in agriculture has been banned. Yet some of them are still used in public health programs. Milk and milk products are more likely to become infected or contaminated than any other food item.

Fungal Toxins - These fungal toxins are caused by certain types of fungi in food. Which has an impact on health as well as financially. Aflatoxin deoxynevalinol, papyunil, fumenizine and ergot alcabide vs. There are several important fungal toxins found in various foods.

Residues of medicine used in veterinary medicine: - The problem of detecting the presence of residual components of medicine used in veterinary medicine in food has come to the fore in recent times. Residues of pesticides used in the treatment of veterinary diseases or additives used in animal mines and hormones used for further production of milk have been found in milk.



Heavy Metals: - Lead, Cadmium, Mercury and Somal (Arsenic) - These four toxic metals can enter the food as an infection.

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Learn about the correct method to check whether the round is clear or confusing

Learn about the correct method to check whether the round is clear or confusing

Learn about the correct method to check whether the round is clear or confusing

Hello to all friends. What is the difference between jaggery and sugar? So let's say there is a big difference between sugar and jaggery. Sugar is prepared by adding twenty three thousand poisons to sugarcane juice All these toxins go into the human body and accumulate in the human body itself. There is only one round which is prepared without any kind of poison. Boil the sugarcane juice on one side and the jaggery is ready on the other side. 

Nothing is added to it If only a small amount of milk can be added to it. Molasses is even more effective than jaggery. Which you can make healthy. Anyone who has seen the jaggery will know about it. Consumption of jaggery is good but molasses is more beneficial. Mold does not spoil with speed. The price of this molasses is the same as round.

Molasses and jaggery are both the same, there is a slight difference in their qualities. If molasses is more beneficial, then the round comes in a slightly lower level. But what is this molasses? You almost never realize it. So let us say that when the juice of sugarcane is boiled, before the jaggery is ready, a different juice comes out which is known as molasses.

All are kindly requested to stop consuming sugar used at home. People with sugar mills also have higher blood pressure. These people say that they have consumed that sugar since Jayar. Since then we have been in such a bad situation.

This sugar is made in very large quantities. It makes a round at a lower cost. Jaggery is very cheap and also comes with molasses. Thus using jaggery is good for health. What happens if jaggery is used to make tea? Advantages or disadvantages? Thus tea only harms us.

Round tea has been consumed in our country since the past. But since the formation of sugar, human beings have been afflicted with many diseases. Pain like diabetes and arthritis are on the rise. In this way, if sugar is consumed, it invites many diseases.


Some people make jaggery instead of sugar in tea but they say that their tea breaks down. So what is the reason behind this happening? The only reason for this is the mixed jaggery. The sphere has been divided into two parts.

One is the jaggery to which the chemical has been added and the jaggery prepared from the use of such jaggery is torn. And another is a chemical-free sphere. Which does not involve any kind of confusion. And its color is black. And chemically rounded yellow or white. And that's why tea bursts
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Homemade ways to identify pure desi ghee .. Check at home whether the ghee is pure or adulterated

Homemade ways to identify pure desi ghee .. Check at home whether the ghee is pure or adulterated


Homemade ways to identify pure desi ghee .. Check at home whether the ghee is pure or adulterated

Every article here will be very simple, logical, scientifically perfect. Therefore, only those who read the article and wish to increase their knowledge are requested to join us.

Domestic ways of how to identify pure desi ghee ..

Share this article with other housewives so that they too can know and identify pure ghee  Share this article as much as you can to keep many people in good health. Read more How many lives can be saved from this article by identifying the fake thing ..

Ghee is an important food of the villagers and still some villagers find it more suitable for ghee. So it is also healthier. The villagers eat pure and fresh ghee. But the ghee found in the city is not fresh or pure. Which harms our body. But there are different ways to identify it which we are going to tell you today.

Thus ghee is a nutritious food. But in today’s era everyone is drawn to cheese. Until recently, cheese was only made by foreign companies. But these foreign companies to sell cheese in India, they declared that the fat is even more fat than cheese. Doing so made their cheese sell more and reduced the importance of ghee. Thus, ghee is more nutritious than cheese and has less fat than cheese. So now you think that the consumption of ghee is beneficial or then cheese?

Impure or adulterated ghee harms our body and money. There are chemicals and ingredients in the market now that can give the same taste and aroma as pure ghee even if it is mixed with ordinary oil or vegetable ghee. In that we cannot identify pure ghee. Today we will tell you how to identify pure ghee?

Thus ghee is made from cow's milk and buffalo's milk but most of the vegetable ghee available in the market has the following ways to identify it which will be very useful to you.

1. 5 ml in a teaspoon of ghee. Enter hydrochloric acid (HCL). If the ghee turns red, it should be understood that the dark color is mixed in the ghee.

Insert four to five drops of iodine in a teaspoon of ghee. If it turns blue, understand that the boiled potatoes are mixed in it.

2. In a bowl, add ghee, hydrochloric acid and a teaspoon of sugar. If the color of ghee looks red, then it is understood that it is vegetable ghee. Image Source:

100 ml. Also add fufoureal, hydrochloric acid and alcohol to the ghee. After ten minutes, if it turns red, palm oil is added to the ghee.

Take some ghee in your hand and rub it on your hands and smell it. After a while if you don't get this scent on your hands then understand that there is something mixed in this ghee.

Take some ghee and heat it and then drain it in a cold pot and let it cool down. After a while if the color of ghee changes or its taste changes then understand that it is vegetable ghee. If it is pure ghee, it will be as fragrant as before and will taste good.


Share this article with other housewives so that they too can know and how to identify pure ghee લેખ Share this article as much as you can to keep many people in good health. And where is the impure ghee.

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